When any amounts of people come together, there are bound to be some difficulties, it is perfectly normal.  Relationships all have their challenges as each person brings their own beliefs, values and ideas and it goes without saying that these may not always coincide with your partners.

Not only do we each bring our individual challenges into the relationship, but the relationship is also constantly tested by the stressors of daily living, numerous commitments and responsibilities linked to extended family, children, friends and work, sexual expectations, third party involvement and so forth, all of which can cause distress for one or both partners in a relationship.

Lack of functional communication often results in either or both partners feeling depressed, anxious, sad, resentful, withdrawn and so forth, resulting in, not only a threat to the relationship, but to the mental health of one or both of the partners. And so the cycle begins where relationship difficulties cause individual psychological distress which in turn adds to the stress on the relationship.

The purpose of couples/marital psychotherapy is to provide a non-judgmental space where these difficulties and/or poor communication can be dealt with. Common problems addressed in psychotherapy for couples can include; financial issues, infidelity, divorce, sexual difficulties, infertility and related aspects, conflictual child rearing practices, trauma, anger, blended families, unemployment, substance abuse, domestic violence and so forth.