Service offered to companies and attorneys who require a full neuropsychological assessment regarding the psychological functioning of their clients.

I provide medico-legal assessment services for the following:

*Personal Injury claims

*Road Accident claims

*Medical disability claims

*Medical negligence claims

I also provide assessment services for Intelligence (IQ) and Personality.

Please contact me for assessment rates.

Should you want to book an appointment, please take note of the following:

A letter of instruction must be addressed to CHANTELLE LEVEY (Clinical Psychologist) with an indication of whether a neuropsychological or clinical assessment is required.

In order for a neuropsychological assessment to be completed, a medico-legal report from a Neurosurgeon/Neurologist must be provided prior to the assessment being completed.  The duration of the assessment is on average 4-5 hours.

Should a clinical assessment be required, the assessment should take on average 3 hours.

Any and all school/academic records are to accompany the client on the day of the assessment.

Assessments are standardly scheduled for Saturday or Sunday mornings.

An assessment on behalf of the plaintiff or non-RAF defendant is subject to a 50% deposit of the applicable fee payable 48 hours after the appointment has been made.  The report will only be made available upon confirmation of the settlement of the outstanding amount.

The finalization of the report is determined by the applicable trial date – if this is not available please inform me as soon as a trial date is allocated.

Should an interpreter be required, you kindly are requested to arrange for a qualified interpreter (which cannot be a driver, family member or friend of the client) to attend the assessment should the client not be fluent in English or Afrikaans.

Please note that failing to attend the assessment or the absence of an interpreter will result in a missed/failed appointment fee, while clients who arrive late will unfortunately not be accommodated. A late cancellation fee of 50% of the full assessment fee will be charged for appointments cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled time.