Individual therapy provides a person with the space to explore who we really are since often in the hustle and bustle of daily living, we lose track of this.  Our behaviours and emotions influence not only ourselves, but those around us which is why it is so important to develop insight so as to understand how, why, where and when his/her difficulties impact negatively on his/her life. The therapy allows an individual to begin understanding the meaning in symptoms and patterns of behaviour and within the structured relationship between therapist and patient, deep-seated problems may be explored and even resolved.


Individual psychotherapy sessions involve face to face meetings between the therapist and client where the client is encouraged to speak freely and openly regarding whatever comes to mind.  Patterns often arise in the client’s material that the client is unaware of and the therapist assists the patient in identifying or exploring these.  Individual therapy can be useful in addressing difficulties when it comes to forming or maintaining relationships, poor self-confidence, feeling depressed, suffering loss, intimacy and sexual difficulties as well as stress and anxiety.